Inspiration and more at the Secret and Sacred Places of the Balkan!


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Theme trips with Inspiration and just that little bit more …
Several times a year we organize Energy trips, Reflection and Inspiration trips, Sacred Feminine Tours (for women) and Divine Unity Tours for everyone, with the required workshops and coaching in the right places.

Inspiration comes from IN-Spirit; The spirit of the higher speaks through you, as if a ray of sunshine is radiating inwards. As long as you have inspiration, there is power and energy!
Inspiration comes when you open yourself up. You no longer put yourself in between, and that is what every participant can do on these beautiful Inspiration trips in the Balkans; Receive, enjoy, grow and inspire each other without judgement.



Become Stronger, Healthier, Happier, YOU!

8-day Sacred Feminine Tour in Herzegovina

We invite you to this special 8 days Sacred Feminine Tour in Herzegovina where Alenka will guide you through your divine feminine energies, with the 5 elements of the feminine body, with pechoti healing, with exercises and phonophoresis, on the most Sacred Feminine places from Herzegovina.
  • Visit and discover sacred places of ancient civilisations
  • Join meditations and Belly Breathing
  • Discover your own feminine qualities and abilities
  • Enjoy a journey with like-minded women – because sharing is caring!

Why Choose Balkan In-Spirit?

Why would you search yourself? Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees anymore! Join us on a fully organized Inspiration trip to one of the beautiful Balkan countries … then you know it is all right! In addition to our planned travel dates for the theme trips (car or air travel), we also organize group tours as desired for companies, organizations, associations and groups. You only have to tell us what your desired travel date is, the number of people and your expectations and / or wishes. We offer you all possible options, accommodations and prices without obligation. There is only one way to really discover Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia or Montenegro: Join us to the secret and sacred places, interspersed with nature, waterfalls, springs and the best local restaurants!

Our Mission!

As we call it ourselves: we are more than just a travel agency, and you can certainly experience this during our travels, each with a theme for awareness, inner peace, inspiration, reflection in total connection with yourself, and if you want: also with others, because it is never a coincidence that the law of attraction and vibration brings like-minded people on your path in the same journey!.
On our travels you just have to be yourself, everything is arranged for you.

However, do not forget to enjoy all this beauty and wisdom, or as I would like to call it; “Let both the Buddha (the spiritual) and the Zorba (the bon vivant) express themselves in yourself.”
There is no better place than the hospitable Balkan countries!

Our task as initiator, guide and organization is to ensure that everything from A-to-Z is arranged to perfection; from accomodations and restaurants to hotel beds, or even help with booking your flighttickets. From excursions and facilities to safely moving back and forth from and to all the beautiful, but often hidden, natural beauty and power places…

Next to facilitating, you can expect coaching and emotional or spiritual support from Alenka and me, wherever you need it.
We are happy to use our life experiences as coaches and experts on life questions, with regard to your spiritual or material life. Everything that is desirable, with respect and love and gentleness, and when necessary sometimes confronting like a mirror.

I especially enjoy it if you like it! So, we welcome you, either; Dobrodošli!

– John Jagadiël Breukels
Co-owner, Balkan In-spirit

Enchanting! …The sacred feminine places of power and wisdom touched me deeply. Tears rolled down my cheeks when I really came in contact with the female wisdom in me. I felt that I just needed to BE and everything else was arranged for me.

–Marleen Koorenhof, the Netherlands


Wonderful how Alenka and John give you the time to really make contact with the Sacred places. No fuss around it, just let the pure energy do the work.

–Tyler D. Curtis, Belgium


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The Sacred Essences of Magdala tour through Slovenia, including a 7-day course:
The 7 Essential diamonds of Mary Magdalene, with workshops and activities, in the most beautiful and breathtaking places of power of the only country in the world where “love” is already in the name.