Trips and themes with Inspiration and just that little bit more …
Several times a year we organize Energy trips, Reflection and Inspiration trips, Sacred Feminine Tours (for women) and Divine Unity Tours for everyone, with the required workshops and coaching in the right places.

Inspiration comes from IN-Spirit; The spirit of the higher speaks through you, as if a ray of sunshine is radiating inwards. As long as you have inspiration, there is power and energy!
Inspiration comes when you open yourself up. You no longer put yourself in between, and that is what every participant can do on these beautiful Inspiration trips in the Balkans; Receive, enjoy, grow and inspire each other without judgment.

We would like to introduce ourselves to you, because if you travel with us to the most beautiful secret and sacred places of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the most beautiful beaches or islands in Croatia, or the breathtaking nature in Slovenia … then of course you want to know with ‘who’ you travel!

In daily life John Jagadiël Breukels is a personal coach, spiritual coach and founder of both Angel Therapy Benelux, Light Miracles and Balkan Inspirit. With a lot of passion and gratitude for Bosnia and Herzegovina, he leads you to all mystical places of power during this journey.

At Daorson, one of the most secret and sacred places in our travel program, the meeting with Alenka came about. It was unconditional love and resonance at first sight, both for each other and for the common interests!

Alenka Henigman is mainly connected with nature, but through her soft feminine energy she will be able to contribute to the Sacred Feminine energy and Divine Feminine Coaching during her journey… In daily life she is busy with her 2nd passion: Healthy living water!
Not only through the sources in nature, but also with her company Revitana 12, she distributes living water energizers throughout the world.


2014, April   We started with our first tours to the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids
Although John traveled a lot through Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, I had never been to Bosnia and Herzegovina before.
January 2014, John was diagnosed with “Non-Hodgin Lymphoma” (lymph node cancer). Due to synchronicity, I received an E-mail about the pyramid water and Bovis scales, which enabled me to achieve a successful healing with awareness and pyramid water from the labyrinth of the Bosnian pyramids.
My gratitude and admiration for Bosnia became so great that from April 2014, John organized the first healing energy trips to Bosnia.
2015, May   We have expanded to Herzegovina and Croatia
After more than 1 year, and the first 5 healing Energy Travels in Bosnia, John discovered the ‘sacred’ places of Herzegovina. Together with previous experiences in Croatia, the first combination of trips was organized in 2015: Dolphin trips in Croatia, interspersed with hidden Sacred places in Herzegovina, where inspiration and reflection became the tools for traveling to rediscover yourself!
The travel offer was expanded with crystal trips, dolphin trips, sacred places, waterfalls and mystical nature…
2017, December  Slovenia & Montenegro, Sacred Feminine & Divine Unity
Immediately after John and Alenka met, it was soon decided to include Slovenia and Montenegro as travel destinations in the program.
However, the Toaistic and Tantric background of John and the female wisdom of Alenka proved to be even more interesting: In addition to the Sacred Feminine Tour (under Alenka’s coaching) there is now also a Divine Unity tour, where feminine & masculine energies can come together: to learn, grow and merge