Dear travel friends,

As you may know, the travel restrictions and measures surrounding Covid-19 have had a huge impact on the survival of any company operating in the tourism and travel industry.

We, John and Alenka, from Balkan Inspirit have unfortunately had to cancel all trips in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro for our participants, from the 1st trip in April 2020 to the last trip in October.

However, although it was very annoying for all participants not being able to do the planned holidays and trips, it has taken a very positive turn for Balkan Inspirit.


F.E.A.R. – Face Everything And Rise!

Although the media flooded us with fear, we had 2 choices:

  1. Forget Everything And Run …or:
  2. Face Everything And RISE, and as usual we have opted for the latter.


2019 a year earlier before Corona emerged, we were already involved with a concept of a much bigger global crisis: Plastic Waste, but also immediately the idea for the solution: Convert Plastic Waste back into the liquid raw material: Oil!


Not being able to travel, we spent our time usefully: Not following all the Media about Covid-19, but sharing the solution online to turn the actual ‘assassin’ we know as plastic back into oil, and that has helped us enormously to stay out of the financial danger zone.

Balkan Inspirit is now working on the next step: The projects of the Corsair Group, with which we can convert 1.2 million kilograms of plastic waste into 600,000 litres of clean fuel every month are coming to Europe, and the very first … IN SLOVENIA

But we are not done yet: The Balkans deserve to be saved from our plastic waste culture, not only for tourism, but because we all want and can live in a healthier, cleaner and liveable world.

Especially in Slovenia and Croatia (also in the other Balkan countries) we can use your help very well to spread this good news further: The more of these projects, the more machines that can remove plastic waste in a sustainable way.

But it gets even better: because you will be rewarded for your help!

The plastic will not only disappear, we will have oil in return, and since the European Union will start new regulations on plastic in 2021, we can benefit from it together!


Will you join us? .. or do you want some extra information?

If you speak several languages ​​and have a laptop or a smartphone, then you have your own profitable business in a sustainable environmentally friendly environment. On the bottom of this page you’ll find a link to our Ecovo-landing page, where you can read more about our journey from a travel organization into a sustainable business with Ecovo, a platform that stands for Ecology, Economy. Evolution and Voice… You can also have your FREE account and earn FREE activity points, what we will explain on THIS LINK

We look forward to receiving your questions,

John and Alenka


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