As a clear-sighted and clear-knowing boy, I was already busy at a young age with energies from the Light. In my young life I have never read a book, not even at school, and it has not changed at a later age … I have been guided by my primordial guide from an early age; “Jagadiel”, Angel of the Lemurian Source!

During an early identity crisis during puberty I noticed that I was different from other peers: I did not meet the average accepted norm according to family, teachers and society. I was literally pushing against the door of life until I found that this door opened inside.

I gained the insight that my I AM presence has made a conscious choice to come to this Earth, intended to gain a physical experience in the 3rd dimension: A world of duality! And because much of our origins have been erased from our memory, I decided to look for the chosen paths of the soul and the program of my soul contract. Although I still didn’t read any books, I still wanted to experience. In India I was introduced to Ayurvedic massages and the traditional Buddhist tantra – what a gift! However, once back in Western society, almost nobody knew what traditional Buddhist tantra was.

In 1996 I discovered Shambhala MDH, the source from which Reiki came: an intuitive way of healing! The picture only became clear when the upgrade to Shambhala Oneness was added later.

After many life experiences, research and the Path of Shambhala, I decided to respond to the request of my guides: Working together in Unity! In 2004 I started my first spiritual center and started various workshops to introduce people to the loving energy and unlimited possibilities of spirits, angels and guides. Apparently the universe thought this was still too small. While my Earthly consciousness (ego) was still thinking about; “What next?” Sometimes good things fall apart … Don’t panic! Trust that there is something better for you.
It soon became apparent that the Universe is only concerned with the higher goals, until you find the true path of gratitude and love!

In the end I can be very grateful for the best lessons: Learning processes of Life! For more than 30 years I thought that my life only consisted of misfortune, misery, misery and problems. Now I am fully aware that it was life lessons that I myself agreed in my agreement with the source before I landed on this earth. I am sure that many who are reading this now will think; “Yes John, you have easy talking, you already know everything” … Yes, I have been working for some time with the energies that I call Angels, the laws of nature and the universal laws of consciousness, the cosmos and man, me now work as a conscious co-creator, inspirator and lifestyle coach. However, my life and the learning processes that I have experienced in this earthly life have really been no different or easier than yours! I too have been engaged in a healing process during the first half of my life, my soul also wanted to gain a temporary earthly experience through training, friends, work, colleagues, family, love, bankruptcy on many different levels , illness and other discomforts, with the aim of finding the way to love, happiness, healing, health and harmony and to be able to share with you now!

It’s not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are Happy!

I also hope to welcome you on one of our trips with coaching, love, light, inner peace and lots of inspiration.

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