Christmas in Ljubljana is like a fairy tale!

The magical old town, normally known for its dragon energy, has been transformed into a Christmas fairy tale throughout December. The Dutch, Belgian and German Christmas markets are totally out of question once you have experienced the Christmas spirit in Ljubljana.

Feel the vibrancy and cheerful atmosphere of festive Ljubljana at the four Christmas markets held in its historic city centre.
Ljubljana is ranked among the most attractive European capitals with its December illuminations and Christmas fair. Join the guided tour and experience the true festive atmosphere of the city.

Christmas cribs in Ljubljana
The atmosphere of the festive December in Ljubljana is traditionally also marked by the Christmas cribs depicting the birth of Jesus. Check out the best locations around Ljubljana where you can admire the nativity scene displays.

Romantic and magical. This is the best description of Ljubljana during the days of December. You will take a walk through festively decorated Ljubljana with a guide, look for a unique gift at the holiday fair, treat yourself in a renowned pastry shop with mulled wine and honey cookies.

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