Sacred Feminine tour: … Enchanting!

Wow! what a beautiful journey from the beginning to the end. I have been brought in contact with so many beautiful water spirits in the most special and magical places. The water still flows through me. Really healing and soothing.

The female places of power touched me deeply. Tears down my cheeks when I really came in contact with the female wisdom in me.

I am enormously grateful to John and Alenka for their service and guidance. I felt that I just needed to BE and everything else was arranged for me.

Wonderful how they give you the time to really make contact with the Sacred places. No fuss around it, just let the pure energy do the work. John who arranged and facilitated everything and brought us to all magical places. And then Alenka, who was totally in tune with the female energy, connected to every woman in the group, with gentleness, love and respect. A female ritual at the right moment to take us further into our feminine energy. Very pure and deep-feeling. I have become even more women.

And the destinations: what a beautiful Balkan countries! Enchanting!

Marleen Koorenhof, the Netherlands


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