I would like to share some inspiration with you:

During our journeys in the Balkans we see beautiful crystal clear rivers and lakes. We were often on the shore of such a crystal clear lake. At the bottom of this crystal clear lake was a beautiful necklace. Everyone could see her and many dived into the water to get the necklace. But nobody succeeded. As soon as someone reached the bottom, the necklace was gone. And yet the jewel was clearly visible from the shore of the lake.

One day they asked me for advice. I looked into the water and said: “the necklace is not on the bottom of the lake. What you see is just a reflection of it.”
The people shook their heads and looked doubtfully at the me. But I pointed with my finger to a tree that stood on the shore of the lake. With its branches above the water. The beautiful necklace hung on one of the branches. A bird had found her and left it here. No one had seen it, no one had ever looked up.

I told the people: “because you don’t raise your gaze, you only see the reflection. The reality is very close, so you can grab it. Don’t be fooled by reflections in the matter, they are just appearances, open your eyes and wake up “.

With this inspiration on our travels you not only get to see the beautiful nature, but we also give you a different perspective on reflection or reality.

Love and colorful greetings from the heart,
John Jagadiel Breukels

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