The Pechoti method with Phonophoresis

ultimate Ayurvedic healing with essential oil and sound frequencies

Have you ever heard of the pechoti gland? It’s certainly not something much or western culture knows about, however in Ayurvedic medicinal practice it’s rather common.
The Pechoti gland is located behind the belly button. During pregnancy, the umbilical cord transfers nutrients from mother to baby. This is done through a connection to the Pechoti gland. If the umbilical cord is cut after birth, this gland remains with more than 70 thousand connections to tissues and organs throughout the body.
Ayurvedic medicine reported this system hundreds of years ago. This medicine is one of the oldest holistic methods in the world. It focuses on the balance and integration of body and mind. Ancient Ayurvedic texts report the administration of beneficial oils through the navel. A technique that is also called the Pechoti method. The texts even report that the navel can detect which veins have dried up, after which the oil opens them again.
We use this Pechoti gland in a more modern method, with naturally pure essential oils and the use of phonophoresis, sound frequencies by tuning forks with the frequency of Venus, Moon, unconditional love and DNA repair.

More about the Pechoti method:
A belly button is actually your first scar. This scar is left over after the umbilical cord is cut at your birth. We often forget that the navel was the gateway to all mother energy! And whether you move in a male or female body, this mother energy is essential for all our organs and our well-being. During our life on earth we often have to deal with situations, emotions or traumas that put a certain energy block on the functioning of certain organs, depending on the situation or emotion.
In the age-old teachings of Ayurvedic health care, therefore, much work is done with the pechoti method, or the resolution of undesirable situations, emotions and energetic blockages via the navel and the mammary gland.

For everyone:
Prior to a healing via the pechoti gland, we first do a kinesiology test.
This can be done by testing the chakras one by one and from there determining which chakras are not balanced.
We then test which essential oils are suitable and will be used via the navel and the mammary gland to resolve the undesirable situitie or emotion.

Only for women:
We can also use a kinesiology test and the symbols of the womb to determine which female aspects are no longer in harmony with the mother energy.
We first do a muscle test through 9 different female aspects via the circle of the womb. Here too we can then determine which essential oils we will use in the belly button to bring them back into harmony with your divine feminine via the pechoti method.

We do this healing with the pechoti method during our Sacred Feminine tours in Herzegovina and Slovenia, but you are also welcome to request a private session in the Netherlands, Belgium or Slovenia. Even though we are still so hygienic, the bellybutton is often the most forgotten and secondary place, but is an enormously important value for your well-being!

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