Life is simple! It is our way of life, and our thoughts that make life complicated. However, if you understand the laws of the Universe, you will find that a happy, healthy and peaceful life is also reserved for you.

Let’s talk about two of the 12 universal laws: “the Law of Attraction” and “the Law of Compensation.
But before we go into that, I want to explain something about our “thoughts.

”If you understood how strong the power of thoughts works, you would never again think negatively, because… When you think about something, or give energetic attention, then that is activated in your vibration. And the more it is in your vibration – in your energy field – the more the Law of Attraction will match you with similar things. We do not always realize that, but if you pay attention, you will often laugh about the incredible alertness and ingenuity of that remarkable synchronicity, because “coincidence does not exist!”

It’s no coincidence if you think of someone and the person is calling you at that moment or sending you a message. It is no coincidence that your world is suddenly dominated by the “Bitcoin”, if you have just started using Bitcoin.
Whether your entire environment consists of parents with young children, because you have just become a mother yourself. Even if you have no children, but have a deep-rooted desire for children. Never noticed before! Give it a try, feel free to test the universe if the Law of Attraction works for you too! Choose a topic, preferably a topic or thing that you have nothing to do with, or that you would never think about. It can and can be anything: Bird’s nest in the fall, a Christmas tree in the summer, a city, a country or the title of a book; there are endless options from which you can randomly choose a topic. Did you find something? Think about it, look it up, what do you feel about it? … and just watch what happens that day or evening!

What you pay attention to grows!
You will be surprised at what you will be confronted with. Because you cannot have something in your thoughts (or in your feelings) and then just get away with it. You suddenly hear someone say something about that subject, you make what sees the subject, you read it in the newspaper, you see, you hear, you smell, you feel something, or something happens that you think: Well! I thought about that this morning, this afternoon or yesterday … However; No, that is not a coincidence, you created it yourself because you have allowed the vibration of that “something” in your energy field. You gave it attention. Everything you give attention to grows. The more energy you have devoted to it, the more you have talked about it and thought about it, and the more fun it becomes of course.

Feed what you like … Or, just think of beautiful, loving, desired things and the situations that are desirable for you. The more attention you give it, the more it is activated in your energy field. The more it is in your energy field, the clearer the Law of Attraction will match you with the same kind of things. If the nice things are desirable: great, keep giving it attention. Keep feeding it with pleasant thoughts and appreciation. The recipe for keeping that good in your life.

Giving attention is giving energy!
If you do not have any fun or desirable situations in your life: stop feeding it with your thoughts! Get away from it with your attention! Paying attention is giving energy, so you feed the energy. Try to understand that when the Law of Attraction confronts you with all the unwanted things in your life, only “you” have called those things into your life. By your attention, by looking at it, reading about it, talking about it, or thinking about it, observing, feeling bad about it … you have manifested that, nobody else! How powerful is that to realize! To become aware of that! Only then can you turn it around. And of course that also applies to nicely desired things: You have manifested this, you have created it yourself in your life, nobody else! You have created and accepted this reality yourself, through your thoughts, your intentions and joyful attention.

Compensation from the Universe!
The Law of Attraction will always match us with what we pay attention to. That which we think, talk and feel about. And it doesn’t matter to the Law of Attraction whether something is “true” or “not true”, it only equals or compensates us with the vibration frequency that we emit. Realize that something is going to become “true” if you talk about it a lot, think about it, feel it, so that the Law of Attraction confronts you with the same kind of things. This makes it seem even more “reality”. And then you automatically come to “the Law of Compensation!”

The Law of Compensation is an extension of the Law of Attraction, but also of the Karmic Laws (cause and effect), in the sense that it reflects the “just rewards” or “punishments” that you will receive for the seeds that you have sown. It is an exact law that works to attract even greater things than you could ever have imagined. This happens when the soul aligns itself with the Higher Self at the service of others. I call that “my intention to act selflessly from compassionate service!”

The Law of Compensation is therefore about giving and receiving, but especially about “sharing” because we live in a system of “exchanging” – “an apple for an egg” – instead of selfless sharing of your abundance! It is the law that ensures that everyone is taken care of by the Universe. It is the manifestation of the perfect order in all things, or the “chaos” in your life, to make the shortages and the insatiable needs disappear. An example: If you are selfless towards others, you will be compensated with more loving souls in your life!
The law is flawless in its design. In fact, the Law of Compensation says that everything that is given will be refunded. But there is a twist in this law that not everyone is aware of. This turn is called “the Law of Tenfold Return”. This law reveals that once you learn to give generously from the heart, the universe returns the gift with tenfold returns. This supports the premise that “it is better to give than to receive.”

I challenge you to give this a try: Both laws “work” for all of us, including you! In that regard, you may even wonder “why you would work yourself” if you understand that the Universe is already working for you. True or False? …it does not matter. What is truth ?! With these two laws you are already fully capable of creating your own reality! Go for it!

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