We would like to invite you to start a new challenge: #timetochangeperspective

The planet Earth, where we have chosen our lives, is a world of duality. The physical world, or what we see and feel, is not all there is. There is a world of spirit and purpose behind it, and whatever it looks like from the outside, there is much more going on under the circumstances that we often experience as negative. If we can focus on that by being positive and using the deeper meaning behind what we experience, then we are more and easily able to accept what we experience in every situation.

The choices we make ourselves:

We all have a choice about how we look at things. When I look back on everything I have experienced in recent years, and instead of feeling angry, bitter or consumed, I feel that so much positivity, peace and harmony has entered my own life. I even cured cancer by just being positive, surrendering to my lessons and accepting them, instead of fighting cancer.

I have built fantastic relationships, and other “connections” with new friends who resonate with my positive feelings. Beautiful souls who also changed their perspective. Somewhere along the way I could find the gold and silver liners in my rainbow, and you can do that too. Take a look at your own life and think of the many difficult times you have endured, and behind it the many blessings that have come from it.

You have a chance to find the right side for every situation, for every problem, no matter how difficult it may seem, by just changing your opinion and identifying the positive of each experience. There is a lesson in every pain, such as there is a beautiful rose in a bush full of thorns.

Changing your perspective is like changing the window through which you view the world. When you change your look at people, situations and the world, you’ll change your feelings about it.

So let’s take this challenge:  #timetochangeperspective

John Jagadiël Breukels

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